Signed ‘Pascin’ (lower left) and with the atelier stamp (Lugt 2014b; lower right); with the succession stamp (Lugt 2014c; on the reverse)
Oil on board

“Elvire Debout” is a striking representation of Pascin’s artistic genius, capturing the essence of its subject with finesse and emotion. The painting, signed by Pascin and bearing both atelier and succession stamps, exudes authenticity and provenance. Its journey from the artist’s estate to the Hôtel Drouot sale in 1989 and subsequently to Christie’s in 2005 attests to its significance and desirability.

Elvire Debout (1907)

Oil on Board


47.2 x 32 cm


This rare work by Jules Pascin, titled “Elvire Debout,” holds a distinguished place in the artworld. Epitomizing the artist’s mastery, this piece has graced the walls of private collections, a testament to its coveted status among discerning collectors. Notably, it has been showcased at the prestigious Christie’s auction, garnering admiration and attention from the art community.

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